Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bio-Hazards: When Live Actors Make Horrible Movies About Dead Stars

Big screen biographies of famous people are one of Hollywood's oldest, most enduring and best-loved genres. When done right, bio flicks can bring acclaim and accolades to everyone involved. "Boy's Town", "Raging Bull", "Funny Girl", "Coal Miner's Daughter", "Lady Sings the Blues", "Frances", "Sweet Dreams", "The Private Life of Henry VIII", "Elizabeth", "The Queen", "Ray" and "Patton", to name just a few, are proof of this.

However, when big screen biographies are done badly, they can be tantamount to character assassination. Whoever said you can't libel the dead obviously never sat through any of these "bio-hazards":

  • "Gable and Lombard"(1976)--Clark Gable was "The King" of Hollywood and gifted commedianne Carol Lombard was his queen. When she died in a plane crash while on a bond raising tour, the devestated Gable never recovered. It's a good thing neither

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