Friday, October 23, 2020

Donald J. Trump: Will You Please Go Now? (Inspired by Dr. Seuss)

The time has come.

The time is NOW.

Just go.

I don't care how.

You can go by foot.

You can go by cow.

Donald J. Trump, will you please go now?!

You can go on skates.

You can stay at one of your estates.

You can go on skies.

Just please go. Please!

If you like you can go in an old blue shoe.

Just go, go, go.

And take Mitch McConnell, too.

Donald J. Trump, I don't care how.

Donald J. Trump, will you please go now?!

You can go on stilts.

Or hop over the fence.

Whatever you choose, just be sure and take Mike Pence.

Get on your way!

Please, Donald J.!

You've packed the Supreme Court, you've schmoozed with dictators.

You've ignored Neo-Nazis and encouraged QAnon fabricators.

Civil rights you detest, veterans you scorn.

You insult our allies and ignore your first born.

You dismissed COVID-19, claiming it would "just go away".

Yet over 200,000 have perished--and what did you say?

"It is what it is."

And, frankly, that's just not OK.

So on your way, Donald J.!

You can go by balloon.

Or broomstick.

Or jet.

I don't care how you go.

Just as long as you GET!

      Please gather your enablers and pack up your spouse,

Climb into an Uber and leave the White House!

A free and fair election, that's what I demand!

No meddling from Russia or obstruction by your hand.

Don't cry "Foul!" if the vote goes Joe Biden's way.

Just remember it's We, the People, who have final say.

So Donald J. Trump,

Wherever you are,

Hit the bricks--and take A.G. William P. Barr!

Head for Mar-A-Largo.

Go, go and go!

It's time to pack up this "reality show."

So get in on a plane, a boat or canoe.

A twelve-seater bike--anything will do!

For the time has come.

The time is now.

Donald J. Trump:

Will You Please Go Now?!!

This poem was inspired by Marvin K. Mooney, Will You Please Go Now? written by Dr. Seuss and copyrighted in 1971.



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